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pss5 - Polynomial system solver version 5

pss is back! A preview version is available, starting May 1st 2015. The main distribution page is in
pss5 development and distribution page.


Except for the Programa Trašador de Diagramas de Fase below (now obsolete), all the software below is actually not intended for an end user. It was designed to test algorithms and mathematical ideas. Most of the projects were discontinued, and there is no support available. On the other hand, sources are free and distributed under GPL.


Polynomial System Solver, version 3.0.5 (2003) This is an old working version of my software for solving sparse polynomial systems. It is qualitatively much better than pss 2.0. However, many important features are missing. It may have serious bugs.

The algorithm is based on polyhedral homotopy and homotopy on toric varieties. Results are certified with alpha-theory. The procedure for computing mixed subdivisions was based on a certain conjecture, to which I found a counterexample in 2014. So the program could return wrong values for the mixed volume.

This software was tested under Linux on a pc. It is distributed under GNU Public License Agreement version 2.

The very old version, pss 2 - Polynomial System Solver (1997) is still available.

A linux PC binary is also available, for convenience. This version is good for dense systems only.

A description of the algorithms is available also.

roots, version 1.0 !

This is a Beta version of our new algorithm for solving univariate polynomials. It is based on the Renormalized Graeffe Iteration (See my paper On The Geometry of Graeffe Iteration, together with Jorge P. Zubelli, in the papers section).

This software was tested under Linux on a pc. It is distributed under GNU Public License Agreement version 2.

Old software

You may also download old df 2.5, to draw phase portraits of systems of ODE's in the plane. This software was written in 1987 (modified 1989) and received the Premio Nacional de Software Educacional Brasileiro, MEC, 1987.

It used to run on a PC, under EGA or VGA.


The software of our paper on a fast and stable algorithm for splitting polynomials can be downloaded here . This is an alpha version ! It is intended only for testing the algorithm and to obtain the table of results in the end of the paper. Runs under AIX. Gregorio Malajovich

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